ill River

Lucky Guy

Ill River
Brown & Bonacci


Lucky Guy


Fortune makes us fools and kings

You gave it all and I took everything

There are no wishes left baby – There are no wishes left

So no I won't go back to the wishing well

Been struck by lightning and I lived to tell.

I'm not superstitious baby – Mmm… Superstitious


I won your heart with a roll of the dice

My ship came in and now I realise

I hit the jackpot baby – I hit the jackpot.


We were lovers, we were friends

Burning the candle at both ends

And when I looked into your eyes

I was one of the world's most lucky guys


From the moment that we first kissed

A four leaf clover that I couldn't miss

Over the rainbow baby – Mmm… over the rainbow

My broken mirrors and the bad luck they bring

Now I know why the caged bird sings

You are my lucky charm baby – Mmm… lucky charm